Claire Kearns: war trophy research, politics, poetry & art

Beach image copyrighted. Credit: Jacob Kearns

Claire's talk at the Mebourne Metamodernism Conference at La Trobe University Panel 3: Art and Trophies. Duration 3.37.14 - END Credit: Graham Young

Graduation ceremony photo credit: Jacob Kearns

Article by Claire Kearns about Mature Aged Study

Claire speaking on a panel about care leavers 

Claire talking about the challenges care leavers face in tertiary studies

Claire tells of the journey from the street to succeeding at university

Claire Kearns is a care leaver, disability, and neurodiversity advocate. Claire is also a writer and social media content creator. In 2021, Claire won the La Trobe University Excellence Academy Inaugural Art Competition for her poem entitled I Was, about her experiences as a neurodiverse student at university.  Claire's work has most recently been published in the book "For Ukraine: By Women of the World" published by the Australian Centre for Leadership for Women (ACLW). Claire's work has been published in a wide variety of publications including by the University of Bangor, whose School of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences shortlisted Claire's poem, Awoken.