Claire Kearns: war trophy research, politics, poetry & art

Claire's talk at the Mebourne Metamodernism Conference at La Trobe University Panel 3: Art and Trophies. Duration 3.37.14 - END Credit: Graham Young

Article by Claire Kearns about Mature Aged Study

Claire speaking on a panel about care leavers 

Claire talking about the challenges care leavers face in tertiary studies

Claire tells of the journey from the street to succeeding at university


As a dedicated war trophy researcher, I immerse myself in the historical narratives of conflict zones, uncovering the stories behind the artifacts that bear witness to the tumultuous events of the past. With a passion for preserving the cultural and human aspects of war, my work involves meticulous investigation into the origins, significance, and journeys of war trophies. Through extensive archival research, fieldwork, and collaboration with experts, I strive to unravel the complexities surrounding these artifacts, shedding light on the lives affected by war. In my pursuit, I aim to contribute to a broader understanding of the human experience during times of conflict, fostering empathy and awareness about the consequences of war on individuals and societies. Through my dedication to this challenging but vital field, I aspire to ensure that the lessons of history are not only remembered but also learned from, encouraging a more peaceful and compassionate world.